Lifestyle Home Session | First Birthday | Madelyn

Happy Birthday Madelyn!!  Baby Maddie is no longer really a baby, but I feel like I’ll be calling her Baby Maddie even when she’s graduating high school!  This lil dumpling belongs to my sweet friends Charity and Mike, and she is the perfect piece to their wild and crazy family that I love with all my heart.  Maddie has two big brothers that just love her to pieces, and I’m pretty sure she’s got all these boys in her life wrapped around her little finger.  And Mama too ;)  We celebrated her first birthday with a home session – last week brought some seriously cold winter days, and hibernating inside was just perfect!  Baby girl was all smiles for our time together, and I love how not much seems to faze her.  You go girl!  Haha!  I don’t think third kiddos have much choice but to go with the flow!  Celebrating you and all the joy you bring to the world, Madelyn Ruth!

Lifestyle Home Session | First Birthday | Madelyn
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Batman even showed up for this shoot!

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