Cozy Fall Home Session | Canfield OH | The Pulido Family

 It’s always hard to say goodbye to summer and the long days filled with sunshine, but this change in seasons means my calendar starts filling with cozy home sessions!!  Which are hands down my favorite thing to shoot.  The misty rain was falling as I pulled into the Pulido family’s driveway, but luckily we had been planning to cozy up indoors and have some fun.  Kelly and Jonathan have two amazing boys, Vincent and Marco, and two puppers, Hunter and Sadie.  It didn’t take long for Vincent and Marco to open up and be their silly selves, and we had the best time playing games and sharing some laughs!  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about working with families and children, it’s that if you can create some fun while you’re taking photos, the genuine belly laughs and real smiles always show up.  Vincent is just the sweetest third grader with a serious love for books, so we of course bonded.  He showed me all his favorite books, and even busted out some of his best jokes for me.  Marco has a very impressive stuffed animal collection, and you better believe he knows them all by name!  He introduced me to the crew, and also showed off his trophy for flag football.  We ran out into the backyard and dodged some raindrops to capture some of the beautiful fall colors on the trees, and ended our time together in the best way possible:  with a glow stick dance party!!

Pulido family, thank you for inviting me into your wonderful home and lives.  You guys have something special, and I think we just may have captured it in these photos :)

Cozy Fall Home Session | Canfield OH | The Pulido Family

Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0002 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0003 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0004 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0005

Sweet Vincent!

Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0006 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0007 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0008

Sadie loved being in on the fun!  Also her ponytail is just the cutest thing ever.


Oh Hunter, you are lucky to have so many humans who love you!

Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0010 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0011 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0012 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0013 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0014 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0015 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0016

Fun fact:  Kellly and Jonathan met on a blind date!  Yes, they really did!  And celebrating ten years of marriage <3

Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0017 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0018 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0019

Marco and all his stuffed animals – so proud to name them all for me!


Vincent reads in his room every morning before school – I can’t think of a better way to start the day!

Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0021 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0022

Dance party!!

Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0023 Cozy-Fall-Home-Session-Canfield-OH_0024


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