Fall Country Engagement Session | Youngstown OH | Staci + Keith

When I first met Staci for coffee 6 months ago, I knew as soon as we started talking that this was a lifelong friend.  It’s so crazy how you just meet someone sometimes, and something clicks!  We have a shared love for good coffee, travel, and sweater weather, so obviously we are a match made in heaven!  She told me all about her and her fiance Keith, and I just knew these were my people.  We immediately started planning their engagement session for the fall, strategically planning for prime sweater weather temps and beautiful fall sunshine!  Well the day finally arrived, and wouldn’t you know it that Ohio decided to be it’s usual whacky self and be 90 degrees at the end of September.  And that’s not even being dramatic, it was literally 91 degrees the day we took these portraits.  But Staci and Keith are committed people, and this fall session was going to happen, sweaters and all!  We explored one of my favorite country spots, where the golden sun was shining and the colors of fall were popping up everywhere.  I loved hearing Staci and Keith share more of their story with me, and I think Keith had me laughing so hard I was crying!  Couples who can be goofy together are just the best!  We had such a fun evening together, crazy hot temps and all.  I am so looking forward to celebrating alongside these two next year, I know it is going to be one incredible day!  Take a look at some of my favorite photos from Staci and Keith’s fall country engagement session, and be impressed with how amazing they can look wearing sweaters in 90 degree weather! ;)

Fall Country Engagement Session | Youngstown OH | Staci + Keith
Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0003 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0004 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0005 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0006 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0007 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0008Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0010 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0011

I wish I could remember what Keith was saying here.  This may or may not have been his Trump impersonation, which is pretty spot on.

Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0012 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0013 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0014 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0015 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0016 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0017

That golden hour glow!!  I was in heaven!

Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0018 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0019 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0020 Ohio Fall Engagement Session_0021


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