Taco Tuesday Home Session | East Palestine OH | The McElroy Family

I think everyone will agree with me when I say Taco Tuesday is hands down the best day of the week.  Amiright?  When tacos are on the menu, you just know it’s going to be a great day.  So when Becky and I were planning her family session, and she mentioned that taco night is like the McElroy family’s staple menu option, I think I may have squealed.  Lifestyle home sessions are the perfect opportunity to incorporate all the things that make a family who they are!  Whether it’s the little things like making tea, building a blanket fort, or a living room dance party, those are the BEST things to do at your session!  I arrived at the McElroy’s home in East Palestine just as everyone was preparing the yummies for tacos.  And it was all hands on deck for meal prep!  Everyone had a job!  Libby chopped and diced all the veggies and guacamole, JP cooked the meat like a pro chef, Tucker laid out all the taco shells, and Miss Ava decorated the chocolate cake (and may have swiped some of the icing while she was at it).  It was one of the first weekends that had a hint of spring in the warm sunshine, so we took advantage and moved the taco feast out to the front porch!  Such a perfect lazy day relaxing as a family before another week of crazy began again.

Meet the McElroy family, and join in on the Taco Tuesday fun!  Jeremy and Becky, you guys have some awesome kids on your hands – be proud of your tribe my friends!

Taco Tuesday Home Session | East Palestine OH | The McElroy Family

little boy laying hard taco shells on tray at kitchen island taco ingredients sitting on butcher block kitchen island

A dance party is always a good way to get things started.

young boy dancing in kitchen with black and white tiles mother and teen daughter wearing patterned aprons standing at kitchen island chopping yellow peppers taco tuesday family session

The master chef right here!

pre-teen boy standing at oven cooking meat in skillet

little girl putting tissue paper pom poms on chocolate cake teen girl standing at kitchen island making guacamole with dad standing next to her

Ava swiped a sample of some chocolate icing, but I didn’t say a peep! ;)

young girl sticking finger in icing on chocolate cake

Taco Tuesday hand lettered calligraphy sign hanging on kitchen wall

family making tacos at kitchen island

teen girl with hair in a half bun cutting open avocado at kitchen island woman wearing patterned apron handing out plates to family members for dinner

Becky this is my new favorite photo of you!  A multi-tasking boss babe!!

woman wearing patterned apron handing out plates to and laughing family eating dinner on porch of house in East Palestine OH family sitting on front porch eating dinner mother cutting slices of chocolate cake for children dad sitting on front porch playing catch with sons pre-teen boy running on front porch playing ball with younger brother brothers wrestling on front porch over teal soccer ball

Jeremy is a football coach, so this is a household that loves SPORTS!

woman sitting on wicker couch with legs draped over husband's lap laughing and holding soccer ball

sisters playing in teepee in eclectic living room lifestyle family session East Palestine OH Carlyn K Photography young woman sitting on green couch reading Cut Flower Garden book dad wrestling with kids on front porch of house lifestyle family session family of 6

The ladies of the household!

mother sitting on front porch with two daughters laughing husband and wife sitting on front porch with their 4 kids on spring day mother and teen daughter kissing younger daughter on the cheeks sitting on front porch young boy wearing pink shirt and jeans sitting on front porch smiling mom sitting on front porch of home with two daughters on spring day lifestyle family session East Palestine OhioThe McElroy tribe!

family sitting on porch steps of their home

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