Nancy & Kory – Engaged

When I met with Nancy and Kory to discuss the details of their wedding day, I couldn’t help but laugh at their story.  You see, they have been a part of each other’s lives for a while, but not always dating.  They remained friends as they each dated other people over the years, and then finally realized that they were meant for each other.  Well I’m glad they finally saw the light, because 5 minutes with Nancy and Kory tells you that they are perfect for each other!


Nancy and Kory recently bought a house – one of those glorious old farm houses that is just oozing with character! – and that is where we started their engagement session.  I haven’t met a ton of people who are super comfortable in front of a camera right away but guess what – these cuties were in model mode from the first click of the shutter!  Seriously, I don’t think Kory could take a bad picture if he tried, and Nancy smiles whenever she even looks at him, so can you see what I was working with?!  It was awesome.  Photographer heaven.


I should mention that when Nancy and I were discussing ideas for their shoot, she said that she really wanted to take pictures in a waterfall for their engagement.  Waterfall?  Sure thing!  (Now where in the Youngstown area am I going to find a waterfall that we can access to make this happen??)  Well it turns out that you have to jump a guard rail, slide down a little bit of a hill, and climb over some big rocks, but there IS indeed a waterfall in Youngstown that made a great location for Nancy’s dream to come true!  (Whew!)  Here is also another reason why I love working with Nancy and Kory:  if I told them that something would make for an awesome image, they were 100% willing to do it.  The morning of their session turned out to be a tad on the chilly side, but these guys were still on board for climbing into the cold waters of the falls to get some AMAZING shots.  Maybe it was because I was a little giddy and jumping around a lot, but into the waters we went!


Nancy and Kory, THANK YOU so so much for being so very wonderful to work with!  I had so much fun taking these pictures, and I CANNOT wait for your wedding in November!!  Rumor has it that Kory can bust out some serious dance skills, so I’m looking forward to seeing those moves at their reception.  LOVE YOU TWO!!

Here’s their furry baby, Mercedes!  She is adorable, and did so well getting her picture taken!

Love this tree in their backyard!

One of my favorites!  This is pretty much how they always are, and I love it.


Nancy you are BEAUTIFUL!!


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  1. Michelle

    September 25th, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Wow, what a beautiful bride-to-be!

    I know I’ve seen these before, but I still get excited looking through them! A+++++ Carlyn!


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